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From light bulbs and microwaves to airbags and flame-resistant materials, it is hard to imagine life without many of the products we use every single day. Often, we give no mind to the potential dangers these products pose to our health and well-being. That is why it can be so unsettling and disorienting when an everyday product malfunctions and cause you or your loved one injury.

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Product Liability Attorneys in Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX

Liability of Product Manufacturers

Laws in New Mexico and Texas require manufacturers who produce and distribute products to produce products that are reasonably safe and free from defects. Two of the most common types of defects include:
Manufacturing defects, which occur when some error or oversight in the manufacturing process results in the production of a dangerous product. A product with a manufacturing defect is one that is not produced according to the product’s design. A light bulb that explodes because it is not made with the appropriate material called for in the bulb’s design plans would be considered to have a manufacturing defect.

Design defects, which exist when the product’s designs or plans (if followed) result in a product that can threaten the health and welfare of a consumer. The Ford Pinto – known for its gas tank which was said to explode if the vehicle was struck from a certain angle – is one infamous example of a product with a design defect.

In addition to manufacturing defects and design defects, product manufacturers must warn consumers about their products’ dangers (through warning labels or other similar means). They may be liable if the manufacturer’s dangerous product causes an injury that might have been avoided had the consumer been properly warned.

How Does a Product Liability Lawyer Assist Me?

Pursuing a claim for compensation from a product manufacturer is no simple task. In some cases, the manufacturer may deny all responsibility for the defective product and the injuries it causes you. In other cases, the manufacturer may attempt to deter you from filing a lawsuit by offering you a settlement. Knowing when – and how – to pursue a lawsuit in court against the product manufacturer requires the skill and experience of your product liability recovery team at Flores, Tawney & Acosta, P.C.

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