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Under both state and federal law, American workers have many important legal rights. You should be able to earn a living for your family, free from any form of unjust discrimination or harassment. Still, in far too many cases, employees are mistreated in the workplace. Whether it’s by company owners, supervisors, middle management or fellow workers, any unlawful mistreatment must be stopped.

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I was extremely grateful and satisfied with the way Mr. Tawney and Mrs. Flores handled my case, and I would recommend them to anybody, anytime. It was a very stressful time in my life, but thanks to Flores Tawney & Acosta, I am able to move forward with my life.

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Date published: 11/05/2017
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Nature of Case: Employment Issue
Damages Sustained: Loss of Earnings

At Flores, Tawney & Acosta P.C., our attorneys fight for the rights of those who have suffered from discrimination or harassment in the workplace. If you suffered an injustice at your job in El Paso, Las Cruces or in any of the surrounding communities, our attorneys are standing by, ready to help.

Protecting the Civil Rights of Workers in New Mexico and Texas

Our attorneys handle all types of workers’ rights claims. We have extensive experience handling these cases in both New Mexico and Texas state courts as well as in federal courts. Some of the specific types of employment claims cases that we have handled include:

  • Race discrimination: Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers are prohibited from treating individuals differently based on their color or race.
  • Gender discrimination: Title VII also protects workers against discrimination based on their gender. To be clear, this law protects both men and women from any adverse treatment based on their gender.
  • Pregnancy discrimination: The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 considers any employer discrimination that is related to a worker’s pregnancy (or any related medical conditions) to be unlawful sex discrimination.
  • Age discrimination: Likewise, applicants and workers can not be mistreated solely on the basis of their age. This is a growing problem for older workers.
  • Failure to accommodate a disability: Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, workers with disabilities are entitled to ‘reasonable accommodations’ at their workplace. If an employer fails to offer reasonable work conditions for disabled workers, they can (and should) be held legally liable.
  • Sexual harassment: On-the-job sexual harassment is a violation of an employee’s civil rights. You should not be subject to harassment from your boss, indirect superior or any other employees at your jobsite.
  • Wrongful termination: If an employer removes you from your position for an unlawful reason, whether it is because of discrimination or simply the breach of a contract, you can take legal action to recover damages.
  • Employer retaliation: Finally, employers are also prohibited from retaliating against a worker who either 1) exercised their civil rights or 2) considered exercising their civil rights. Employers may not take adverse action against you (in any form) simply because you stood up for yourself. If they do try to intimidate you out of using your legal rights, you need to speak to a lawyer immediately.

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