Hiring an Experienced El Paso Employment Lawyer

In Texas, federal and state laws protect employees from certain workplace behaviors. Employees also have the right to engage in a variety of protected behaviors. When an employer breaches your rights, you can file a complaint or/and bring a cause of action against them. Our El Paso employment lawyers are here to explain to you your rights and provide you with competent legal representation in the event that your employer violates your rights. Reach out to us directly today for a free consultation.

El Paso Employees’ Protected Rights

Federal and state labor laws provide requirements regarding worker’s rights. They cover wages, terminations, and filing claims for violations. When your employer violates your rights, we’re ready to help:

Discrimination and Harassment. Discrimination and harassment are serious workplace issues. Whether you’re a victim or a witness, you should not put up with it. And you don’t have to. You can file a claim for these issues.

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Safe Work Environment

You deserve a safe workplace – and it’s also your legal right. Hazards or unsafe conditions can lead to serious injuries and health complications.

Legal Wages

There are federal and state minimum wage laws in place to protect employees. These laws guarantee you earn a certain amount per hour. Employers aren’t allowed to pay less, but sometimes they do. If you feel you aren’t earning your fair wage, you need an employment attorney.

Protection from Retaliation

Your employer cannot retaliate by firing you or penalizing you because you filed a claim or complaint. In fact, if they do, it’s cause for an additional claim. They also cannot retaliate because you reported harassment or discrimination.

Pay Equality

There are still industries and areas where pay is not equal between men and women. However, there are Equal pay laws that govern this. A violation of this law is a violation of your rights.

Talk to an experienced wrongful termination or employment lawyer if your employer has violated your rights.

What Happens if I’m Terminated or Retaliated Against?

Most employees’ biggest fear is that if they bring a claim against their employer they’ll lose their job. Whether it’s reporting unfair treatment, filing a claim for unfair pay, or another issue, the law protects you from retaliation.

One of your protections covers wrongful termination. If you are an at-will employee, your employer can terminate you without cause. However, they cannot terminate you for exercising one of your protected rights. Nor can you fired because of any form of discrimination. If your job fires you or retaliates against you, call our law office for a free consultation – we will start working on your case immediately.

Employment Lawyers, El Paso, TX Ready to Serve You

Our El Paso, Texas, employment lawyers at the offices of Flores, Tawney & Acosta, P.C. are passionate about protecting the rights of workers in our state. If you believe that you have an employment law case, feel free to reach out to us today by phone or online with any questions. Consultations are free, and we work on a contingency fee basis.