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If you suffered injuries in an accident, you might think that hiring the most popular personal injury lawyer is the best route.

However, it may not always be the lawyer’s popularity but the existence of specific qualities in an attorney that help you get the best legal representation when you need it most. 


Research a potential attorney to determine their experience. Experience doesn’t necessarily mean the number of years practicing law.

What really matters is the attorney’s experience in the area of personal injury. An experienced personal injury attorney possesses the skills of both negotiating and litigating.

While most personal injury cases settle before heading to trial, you want to choose an attorney who prepares every case for trial if the parties cannot agree. 

Record of Success

Many attorneys may claim to be the most successful personal injury lawyer. But this may not always be true. Ask a potential attorney what their success rate is for their clients.

What awards have they obtained for their clients? Do they work on more prominent cases or more minor cases?

Especially pay close attention to the outcomes of cases that share similar fact patterns to your lawsuit. 

Communication Skills 

Make sure any attorney you consult exhibits excellent communication skills.

It helps to have an attorney who keeps you informed on the process, progress, and conclusion of your case.

This includes the ability to explain complex legal issues and concepts to you in a manner that you understand.

An attorney must file various legal documents on your behalf and their ability to adequately obtain the information needed to avoid delays in your case. 


When you walk into the office to meet with an attorney, they should be professional and approachable.

Make sure the attorney answers all your questions without making you feel like a burden.

You need your attorney to be available whenever questions arise, and you should feel comfortable asking questions.

On reviewing the facts of your case, your attorney should set realistic expectations for you and the potential outcomes of your case. 

Contingency Agreement

You may already feel overwhelmed by mounting medical expenses and an inability to work due to your injuries.

While most personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, be sure to confirm how any attorney you may potentially hire expects to be paid.

A contingency fee basis provides that an attorney does not collect fees unless they secure a settlement or judgment on your behalf.

Your attorney will take a percentage of any judgment or settlement they collect. Most contingency fee agreements range from 30% to 40% of any judgment or settlement.

Additionally, ask whether any potential attorney covers expenses such as court filing fees and other costs associated with preparing your case for trial. 

Contact Us 

At Flores, Tawney & Acosta, P.C., we are committed to assisting injured victims to recover fair compensation after an accident. At our firm, we work aggressively on behalf of our clients.

We understand you face the most challenging period in your life and work hard to make it easier.

While we protect your legal rights and pursue compensation on your behalf, you can focus on your recovery.

Contact us today for a free case review and find out how we can help you.

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