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Accident Report in Lubbock, TexasCar accidents can change a person’s life forever.

One moment, you are driving down Marsha Sharp Freeway in Lubbock and the next you are being taken to the hospital in the back of an ambulance.

At Flores, Tawney & Acosta, P.C., we regularly work with car accident victims and understand the hard road to recovery that may lie ahead.

To help your case for compensation, you should get a Lubbock accident report. A police officer will write one up, which is why you should call the police immediately after the accident to report it. Insurance companies also look to a Lubbock accident report to establish certain information about the case, which can make their job easier at determining fault.

To get an accident report, follow the steps below. If you need assistance with your claim, contact an experienced Texas car accident lawyer.

Identify the Information in Lubbock Police Reports

Insurance companies like police reports because they contain basic information about the collision, such as:

  • When and where it happened
  • Who was involved in the crash
  • Any statements made by witnesses, passengers, or drivers
  • The possible cause of the collision
  • The extent of damage or injuries
  • Information about other conditions at the scene

Armed with this information, an insurance adjuster can begin analyzing the case to determine fault. Texas is a fault state, so whoever is to blame for the motor vehicle accident typically pays out compensation to those who are injured.

Check on Your Police Report

The Lubbock Police Department probably won’t make the report immediately available. You should call to check on availability by contacting the Lubbock Police Department Records Center, 806-775-2808. Give them your name and other requested information and ask when the report is available.

Obtain Your Copy of a Lubbock Accident Report

Lubbock makes it very easy to get a copy of your police report. You have three options:

  • Email a request to
  • Request a copy online by using the LexisNexis Police Report Website.
  • Visit the Lubbock Police Department Records Center at 916 Texas Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79401.

To have the police department mail you a copy, you should provide a stamped envelope to the City of Lubbock, Attention: Open Records Officer, PO Box 2000, Lubbock, TX 79457.

Understand How the Lubbock Police Report Is Used

The insurance adjuster assigned to your case will read the police report and use it to begin determining fault. Remember that the police officer’s opinion about what might have caused the accident is not the final word. The officer was not there, and his or her opinion is only that. If the officer tries to blame you for the accident, you can still present evidence that shows you were not to blame.

A police report is helpful because it can identify witnesses. Your car accident attorney might then follow up with these witnesses and interview them about what they saw. Sometimes, police officers make mistakes when transcribing someone else’s testimony into the police report, so it is often helpful to hear from the witness firsthand.

If you have been in an accident and need legal assistance, please contact Flores, Tawney & Acosta, P.C. today. Our firm offers a free initial consultation.


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